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    Meaningful Change
    For ourselves and the world
    Indianapolis, Indiana:  We live in a world where millions of people are striving to make change for the better. So, in a world seeking positive change, how do we make sure that such change actually happens? Speaker Mark McCurties says, “We all have a natural desire to improve ourselves and the world around us.  In my own life I’ve found that letting God, divine Love, guide and direct my efforts brings permanent and meaningful results.”
    McCurties, a practitioner of Christian Science healing, will present a talk titled, How God’s love can change your life and the world on Sunday, June 23, 2019 at 3:00 p.m. in the church auditorium of First Church of Christ, Scientist, 7905 Hague Road,  Indianapolis,  IN 46256.  All are welcome!
    [This church is one of only several church members of the Lawrence Chamber].

    “The desire to change ourselves, to improve our character, our relationships, our life prospects can also go beyond just the boundary of our own lives and the four walls of our home. Many men and women around the world have a sincere yearning to improve the collective experience of mankind,” says McCurties. “In this lecture, I will explain how God’s loving and saving power is the greatest agent for change, and that through a right understanding of God, His power can be seen and felt right here and now, bringing health and peace to the world.”
    The ideas in this lecture are based on the teachings of Jesus as recorded in the Bible, and as discussed in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy.
    McCurties has had a life-long love of the Bible and its inspiring message of individual triumph over adversity. After graduating from college he spent a number of years in the field of education where he worked as a camp director, experiential educator, resident counselor, and athletics coach. While working with young people, he had many opportunities to witness the healing power of God, and these inspiring experiences eventually led him into the full-time public practice of Christian Science.
    Mark McCurties is a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship. He travels from his home in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
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