• Associated Insurance Services (AIS)



    About Us

    We have a dynamic staff that care deeply for clients and are always willing to advocate for you in a time of need. We are unique in that we work with a wide variety of companies which means that we can work with each client based on their individual needs, and pair them with the company that caters to them. We operate based on 3 very crucial ideas:
    Knowledge is Power: Whether we are answering a question or explaining a coverage option, our goal is to empower you through understanding what everything means. How many times have you felt coerced or pressured by a salesperson? We believe in educating our clients and making sure that they have choices when it comes to protecting their assets and their families.
    Quick Turnaround: Do you ever feel like you have to follow up with other salespeople to get something done in a timely manner? At AIS, we understand that your time is valuable, and we want to provide helpful and expedient service to each client – whether you are calling to change a vehicle, or you need to pay a bill. We pride ourselves on making sure each client is satisfied every time they call or email, and that they never feel like they have been forgotten about.
    Local: Our agency values supporting other local businesses and helping the community through volunteerism, and being a part of local organizations that promote positive initiatives. We believe that the best way to serve your community is by connecting with your community – and we do this by sponsoring events like “Better Together,” which is coordinated through the Greater Lawrence Chamber.


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